Is it okay to chase after your dreams if you’re a Christian?

As Christians, we’re encouraged to live in a space of contentment. Those of us with a conservative bent can tend towards guilt when we’re in pursuit of what the world would call success. After all, should not our treasures be in Heaven?

Well. We should be content. And we should be piling up treasures in Heaven. But we should also be working hard to give glory to God. That looks different for each person, and I’d argue that it looks different over the course of a lifetime. There is so much glory to be given! Do we limit our service to Him? Do we limit our influence for His Name? Do we define the times in which we live, or does He? Did He not create us for such a time as this? So, what is this time, and what should we be doing with it?

There are seasons where our circles are very small and seasons when those circles are larger. It’s no use saying that the most important job of your life is as a parent when the season of actively parenting is drawing to a close and an empty nest is looming. We might all be enjoined to request the gift of prophecy, but we don’t all have that gift – at least not today. Should we do nothing because our definition of “something” fits in someone else’s closet?

We’re supposed to do all things as unto Christ. And that includes walking through transitions, walking through doors, and opening our eyes to possibilities.

We have an instruction, and we obey that instruction, but how we do so will differ. There are too many different situations, different lives into which wisdom needs to be spoken, love needs to be acted out to limit ourselves to just what we see in another woman’s life, in this moment in her life.

And the mortgage still needs paying. Kids need to be put through college, retirement funded, parents cared for. God does know our needs, and He will provide for them. But He doesn’t generally provide for those needs while we’re sitting on the couch!

There’s so much garbage in the aether right now in regards to “prosperity” as if that’s always God’s will for our lives. I know it’s garbage, and everything inside me wants to push back against it. Have there been no martyrs? No lives lived in adversity and in faith? Pshaw. Nonsense. But that’s not me. At least not at this moment in time. If and when it is, then that will be its own calling, will it not?

Sitting still and not doing because I know that others have been forced to carry the cross of stagnation, trying to steal that cross as my own when it’s not one which I have been given? That’s not humility – it’s just another way to hide my light under a bushel. We can give ourselves quasi-religious excuses to not do just as we can give ourselves excuses to do too much. The leaven of the Pharisee really is as omnipresent as yeast in the air.

In this place in my life, in this season, examining myself for that leaven and eradicating it where ever I see it is one of my primary missions. What am I doing just to look right? What am I limiting myself in, just to feel safe?

Following Christ was not safe when He was here.

So, can a Christian chase her daydreams? I suppose that depends on what those dreams are – and if they’ve been surrendered to God and vetted for His will. If they have, the answer is, “put on your running shoes, girl – there’s work to be done”.

There’s SO much work to be done.

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